Chinese Women from Shenzhen

It's no surprise why Asian Singles focused on Shenzhen as our destination for a dating tour to meet Chinese women. In Shenzhen, you find single Chinese women from all over China who are looking for their special man.

Where do you meet Chinese women?

During our tour to Shenzhen, you will meet most of them during our socials where you will get to know possibly hundreds of single Chinese women, and arrange dates with them during the rest of the tour. These socials have changed the lives of thousands of people and it could change yours as well.

In the following days, you will discover Shenzhen with a beautiful Chinese woman by your side. One of the first places you can go is Splendid China theme park, where you will view replicas of some of the most important Chinese buildings, monuments, and sites For lunch dates with Chinese ladies take into account that in Shenzhen you can find food from any and all regions in China, not only the ones in your favorite Chinese restaurant. Shenzhen also boasts plenty of world cuisine also: American, Italian, Mexican, French, Japanese, and Indian among them.

Some great parks in Shenzhen to see during your date with a Chinese woman are the China Folk Culture Villages and Happy Valley. They're both quite large and have many shows and things to see, so go with your date and enjoy yourselves while you get to know each other in the process. Have you ever seen shadow theatre performed live? If not, it's a good date option.



Do Chinese women like the beach? Of course! Shenzhen is very close to the Pearl River delta; so if the weather is nice, get a new suntan while you meet another beautiful Chinese woman. At night, enjoy a cafe or nightclub, possibly even take in a rock concert (Chinese lyrics included). That's another unforgettable experience with a Chinese lady.
Shenzhen History

Our tour city Shenzhen was once a fishermen village called Baoan County; but recognizing its proximity to the prosperous Hong Kong, the Chinese government decided to rename Baoan County into Shenzhen and declare it the first Special Economic Zone in China, with special regulations that opened a new path for Chinese foreign trade with the former British colony. Since then, the city's population has exploded (8 million inhabitants in 30 years).

Shenzhen is a great city to tour and explore with Chinese women and makes for an experience you will never forget.

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